LED kit for Lambretta Special/SX/TV

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  • custom-made lamp holder with 3000 lm hi-lo lamp and parking light
  • bi-light rear lamp
  • speedometer lamp
  • 12 V DC voltage regulator (for 6 V and 12 V ignitions)
  • full instructions manual and customer assistance


Great news coming for Lambretta Special, SX and TV! Traveling at night has never been safer, thanks to our new specific LED conversion kit: in just a few simple steps, it will be possible to transform your Lambretta into a unique vehicle, with a bright beam and unprecedented reliability.

The miracle is possible thanks to a custom-made solution starting from the original headlights and electrical system: our solution includes a headlight socket specifically designed to replace the original one without modifying the reflector. A highly efficient dedicated LED bulb is mounted on this socket. The result? Astonishing nighttime visibility, unchanged vehicle aesthetics, and evening rides take on a whole new experience. Since this product is designed exclusively for original headlights, the dual-bulb lamp is already perfectly aligned with the reflector, ensuring that all the light is focused solely on the road ahead, without any harmful dispersions.

But that's not all: the kit also comes with a front position light, dual-beam bulb for the taillight, and another one for the speedometer. All of them are meticulously designed using high-brightness LEDs, making your Lambretta simply one of a kind.

To end with a flourish... Could the DC conversion possibly be missing?

The price also includes the specific MT voltage regulator, allowing you to convert your system to DC using the original wiring. Whether you have a 6V or 12V stator, it doesn't matter: you can power the entire electrical system from a 12V 2.9~7.2 Ah battery, ensuring maximum reliability and safety in all conditions. This unique component comes with an integrated motor-running charging function, providing smooth and efficient performance.

This product will save you on every nighttime and daytime ride, thanks to the countless benefits it offers. You can forget about the nightmare of original bulbs with significantly lower luminous output (250 lumens, not to mention the drops at low speeds) and short lifespan. Instead, embrace technologies that have evolved for over half a century. The front headlamp's luminous intensity is equivalent to 3000 lumen). You'll ensure maximum peace of mind even on the darkest roads, and no driver will be able to miss you as your lights will outshine even the most recent motorcycles.

As if all of this wasn't enough, the provided system will also allow you to install USB chargers, anti-theft devices, digital instruments, and any other 12V DC operational component.

Absolutely smooth and easy to understand! You can count on straightforward diagrams and instructions! No specialized skills needed, as the product comes with all the necessary guidance for installation.

Ensure the best with Moped Technologies!

Additional information

Brand and diameter of the headlight's hole

CEV, 44 mm, Carello, 45 mm


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