LED kit for Piaggio mopeds



Product content:

  • -12 V DC voltage regulator;
  • LED parking lights;
  • -high beam LED lamp.

The product is fully compatible with both points ignition and electronic ignitions and it does not require any structural modifications to the headlights.

The installation is carried out using the original wiring and involves completely reversible modifications, as described in the instruction manual provided with the kit.

The choice between the two variants is not dependent on whether you already have a battery before installation. If you purchase the kit with a battery, you won't need to have one beforehand. Instead, you can add the battery at the time of connecting the purchased item and then recharge it while the engine is running (even with the original ignition). In terms of brightness, there is no difference between the two products.

The same kit, although in a less advanced series, was installed on "Lello," the moped used by Henry Favre to complete the "Italy in Ciao" journey in 2016.

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