LED hi-lo kit for Vespa 50 V/HP




LED hi-lo kit for Vespa 50 V/HP, composed of:

  • 12 V DC voltage regulator, specifically made to fully convert the original system to 12 V DC;
  • front bi-light LED lamp (low beam + high beam, instead of original high beam-only function) with custom-made lamp holder (P&P);
  • LED parking lights;
  • brake signal LED lamp;
  • turn signals flasher and LED lamps.

By mounting this product, you will be able to convert your system to 12 V DC: all the modifications are about adapting the connections (to mount the supplied parts) and are fully illustrated in the manual you will receive. Once the operations are done, the original battery will be charged with the engine running and will power all the utilities on your vehicle.
Our LED kit perfectly fits both original and aftermarket ignitions and gives you the best safety possible: the super bright output of our front lamp (3000±50 lumen) and the dual low-high beam function (useful not to blind other users) offer a unique night driving experience, thanks to excellent visibility in every situation.



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