V2 LED kit for Vespa L/N/R

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Kit di conversione a led V2 per Vespa L, N, R, composto da:

-regolatore di tensione specifico per la trasformazione in CC dell’impianto elettrico di serie;
-front custom-made bi-light LED lamp;
-luci di posizione anteriore e posteriore;
-mamuale completo di istruzioni e conversione in cc dell’impianto elettrico.


Kit di conversione a led v2 per Vespa L, N, R, comprendente:

-12 V DC voltage regulator (for 6 V and 12 V ignitions);
-front custom-made bi-light LED lamp;
-front and rear parking lights.

The installation of the product in question allows for the direct current conversion of your electrical system, reducing the necessary modifications to only the intervention on the turn signal, which is fully explained in the accompanying manual.
The lighting kit is perfectly compatible with both the original 6V ignition and other electronic ignitions of different origins. It requires the installation of a compact-sized battery (provided separately), which will be charged while the engine is running, just like in modern motorcycles. This allows for the use of digital instruments, electronic gadgets, and 12V DC devices on the vehicle, significantly enhancing nighttime safety (you can even have a dipped beam function, useful to avoid leaving other users in the dark) and the reliability of your electrical system.
Qualora l’impianto sia già stato convertito in corrente continua, sarà possibile acquistare anche il solo set luci.

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